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They want our brains
Lillim Fanart
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Nephilim are Annunaki created from the brains of humans.  There is a basic explanation in the Annunaki Biology gallery but feel free to expand upon the basics.

Physical Guidelines:
There are no Nephilim shorter than 9ft tall.  The occurance is possible but such nephilim are fed to nekosquid and other vermin.  Nephilim can get taller than 12ft but very seldomly do as it impedes their movement and may also lead to abberant growth defects.  
Nephilim may inherit personality quirks from the brain they were grown from.  These quirks seldom interfere with their obedience to the Overminds (Big Brain Blobs).  One by itself may be friendly enough but the more nephilim present the less likely it is too act independently of the pack.
Nephilim have four fingers on each hand and four toes on each foot.  These digits are arranged in a cross.  The hands contain two tentacles each, which retract into a cavity in the forearms.  Small prey can be dragged into the cavity and digested.  Each tentacle has five retractable digits, each tipped with a claw for grabbing and holding prey.  
Nephilim have 8 eyes.  Two normal eyes and six simple light sensing dots on their foreheads.  These patches can also faintly sense the electromagnetic signals given off by brains.  The more agitated the brain the easier it is for the nephilim to track it.
The nephilim produce a light pulse that is like a drug to humans.  Humans are drawn to the glow like moths to a bug zapper.  A few can fight off the effects though and the method becomes less effective over constant exposure.  They generate this light from the eyes as well as 6 spots on the ribs, a patch on the abdomen, and two inflatable bladders (one for each side).  Hardened nodes on the arms and legs also emit some light as well.  This light can be dimmed but never really turned off.
Skin color ranges from pasty white to dull gray.  The blood is a pasty white ichor with a few black spots in it.  Making a nephilim bleed is difficult though.  A network of flexible carbon fibers running through their skin gives it the consistency of high grade kevlar.  Armor piercing rounds are effective but it still takes quite a few to put one down.  Even a seemingly dead nephilim may still attack instinctively with its tentacles.  If it manages to get ahold of new brain matter it will use that to quickly regenerate itself.  This is frowned upon though since eaten brains cannot be harvested.  A nephilim won't eat a human brain unless it is near death.

Other than the basics you can make any kind of Nephilim OC you feel like from annoyingly cute to hardcore brutal.  You could also join the Harvest from the human perspective with the They Want Our Brains gallery.

There are also several galleries dedicated to non-Harvest material from games and movies that fit with the general theme.  There is also galleries for speculative biology and xenofauna.

Lets not forget the original brain eating squid the Illithid.  They also have their own gallery.

Galleries have now been opened.  There was a problem with the folder settings that should be fixed now.
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